5 MUST-HAVE Klaviyo Segments

To ensure exceptional deliverability of your emails, e-commerce stores have to constantly monitor their key performance indicators such as email open rates, click-through rates, spam rates, bounce rates, etc. With the right information at the right time: remaining relevant yet engaging enough to open, email marketing is not an easy task to pull off.

Three main tasks any email marketer needs to do before sending a single campaign are:

  1. Segmentation;
  2. Segmentation;
  3. Segmentation.

Segmentation is the key to sending a relevant message to people who are willing to listen. Luckily, Klaviyo makes it easy to segment your subscribers into specific clusters. Here are 5 Klaviyo segments that you absolutely must when it comes to email marketing.

Active Segment – 30 vs 60 vs 90 Days

It goes without saying that active users are your bread and butter. Depending on how frequent your newsletters are, you might choose between 30, 60, 90, or even a 180-day window. If you send several email campaigns each week, make sure to choose between a 30 to 60-day window. If your newsletters are being sent less than once per month, a 180-day split might be the best choice. Here is how to do an active segment for a 90-day split:

Vex Media Group Klaviyo email marketing segmentation for Active Users.
We want to make sure to include a 90-day click or open email metric, meanwhile ensuring a person has received at least one email from us before. Make sure to exclude unsubscribe, marked as spam, and bounced emails to maintain proper deliverability & domain authority.

Unengaged Segment – 30 vs 60 vs 90

Avoid sending frequent emails to your unengaged segment, otherwise, your open rates will suffer as well as increase the chance for inflated unsubscribe/spam rate. Occasionally, send them your top-performing content and try to re-engage people. Just make sure you have a healthy split, and great average performance account-wide.

Vex Media Group Klaviyo email marketing segmentation by unengaged audience.


Target your past purchasers with complimentary items. Offer to re-order with a discount. Exclude recent purchasers from newsletter discount campaigns to avoid refunds. Here is how to create the past 30-day purchasers’ segment:

Vex Media Group Klaviyo email marketing Past Purchasers 30 Days Segmentation


Offer occasional deals to convert non-buyers into buyers.

Vex Media Group Klaviyo email marketing Non-Purchasers Segmentation tutorial.

VIP Segment

VIP Segment in Klaviyo comes by default as having a minimum of 5 purchases lifetime. However, depending on the customer and product, we typically use at least 3 purchases OR a lifetime revenue of 3 times the Average Order Value. Here is how to do it:

Vex Media Group Klaviyo Email Marketing VIP Segmentation

There are 5 core segments you can use today to tailor your promotional campaigns while maintaining proper deliverability. Ideally, once you master basic segmentation, move to more complex segmentation based on your customer data. There are lots of variables available for a test including customer LTVs, geographical, age, gender, collections purchased, and many others.

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