Klaviyo Email Marketing 101: Custom Campaigns & Flows Your Store Needs

Forget it! Email Marketing is DEAD ⚠️⚠️⚠️ It is old as hell and nobody opens these spammy-looking emails anymore. 

Word-by-word what this customer told us before doing email marketing.


Sending 50% OFF emails every other day to the whole subscriber list is like trying to land a date with the same pickup line over and over. 

On the other hand, systematic email flows together with custom weekly campaigns DOES bring the results.


Because customer receives the RIGHT message at the RIGHT TIME. 

By mixing sales-oriented emails with VALUE-DRIVEN & EDUCATIONAL content, you basically make subscribers EXCITED to receive another email from you.

Best part? 

Zero dollars in Zuckerberg’s ad revenue pocket as you’re fully in control of your audience.Here is the list of Klaviyo Email Marketing Flows & Custom Campaigns that your ecommerce store absolutely needs to have to crush revenue goals.

Flows (Automatic Email Sequence, set and forget):

1) DIY Abandoned Checkout SOP – main flow to recover abandoned checkouts. Typically, is the most profitable one together with the Welcome series. On average, to get one purchase, 4 to 5 customers leave at checkout without one. Must-have for any e-commerce store;

2) DIY Browse Abandonment – a flow that targets potential customers that looked at your website, products, collections, but didn’t take any action (no ATC, no IC);

3) Customer Winback – need to boost customer lifetime value? That’s a perfect flow for you. This Klaviyo automatic email flows aims to target past customers offering repeat purchases or cross-sell with an incentive;

4) Customer Review – boost your website reviews with legitimate testimonials from past customers. Or ask to leave reviews on your paid ads to improve social proof and drive down your customer acquisition costs;

5) VIP Flow – reward your most loyal customers with special deals, exclusive discounts, and early access to new products. Great way to make your high-spenders spend even more;

6) Immediate Upsell – a flow that offers an upgrade or extra item with a special discount right after purchase. Great way to increase your AOV (average order value);

7) Welcome Series – often being the most profitable email marketing flow, it allows you to properly welcome your new subscribers and provide opt-in incentives (i.e. discount from popup banner). Also, properly introduces company, founders, and products building a strong rapport with your subscribers;

8) UGC Flow – user-generated flow collects picture/video testimonials from your past customers that can be used on social media and ads;

9) Sunset Flow – list cleaning flow that segments out unengaged subscribers to improve open rates & click rates that subsequently improves overall email deliverability;

10) Thank-You Flow – a proper way to say thanks for the purchase and establish long-term relationships with a customer. Must-have for customer LTV;

11) Post-purchase Flow – do proper education via emails before the client receives the product. 

Custom Email Marketing Campaigns (sent out manually):

12) Back-in-stock campaign – announce products that just went back in stock. Great way to boost sales and re-engage loyal customers;

13) Newsletter – have some important announcements to make? Just launched a new video or blog post? Have exciting collaborations with influencers? The newsletter is the best way to deliver company news to your subscribers;

14) Best-seller campaign – a sales-oriented custom email campaign to improve profitability;

15) Free Product campaign – a great way to mix incentives and offer free product together with a purchase to avoid giving out too many discounts;

16) Social Proof campaign – announce exciting influencer/company collaboration to boost your social proof;

16) New Product campaign – test your new product ideas with an email campaign before spending a dime on Facebook or Google ads;

17) Flash Sale campaign – want to free up your warehouse for new products? Need to boost sales numbers? That is the best campaign for you.

By implementing these Email Marketing Flows and Campaigns, you will see substantial revenue growth in the first months of implementation. Make sure to monitor the performance closely and do occasional A/B tests to ensure best possible results. 

If you want us to develop revenue-driven email marketing for your store, make sure to reach out to us or schedule a call. 

-Alexus, email marketing specialist @ Vex Media Group

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